Some people love coffee, some people love tea. I drink about 12 cups of green tea a day and try to incorporate tea flavors into everything, so we all know where I would stand in the tea vs. coffee debate. And once you start drinking loose leaf tea there really is no going back.

Earl grey is a black tea with a complex flavor which comes from bergamot oil (extracted from the skin of the bergamot orange). When used in baking this flavor is subtle but oh so exquisite. I imagine that if cookies had social status these would look down on other cookies. Although you will have to try a cookie for yourself to appreciate its sophistication. These cookies have a soft and chewy inside and even people who would never drink earl grey tea will appreciate them. My boyfriend did not speak one work as he ate his first cookie. I think I asked him six questions from start to finish, but the cute smile on his face and the mmm after every bite made me forget about his selective hearing.